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Reconstructive Surgery restores functions and forms after acquired or congenital defects.

Reconstructive surgery uses skin flaps or skin grafts or other more sophisticated and complicated methods of reconstruction.

Application of reconstructive surgery to acquired defects includes defects after Mohs surgery in which resection of the cancer is performed with repeated excisions with the guidance of the microscope. Moh’s technique allows for preservation of important structures such as the nasal tip, eyelid, or portions of the lip while still removing the entire tumor.

Other reconstructive procedures performed on the head and neck for cancer defects include restoration of the mandible with use of fibula free flaps often combined with placement of osteo-integrated dental implants.

Reconstruction of birth defects such as microtia or absence of any ear can be accomplished by the use of a cartilage graft framework, or a prosthetic framework, covered by a temporalis fascia flap and skin grafts.

Cleft lip and palate are other examples of birth defects which are reconstructed with a variety of flap techniques.

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