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Orthognatic (Jaw) Surgery goal is to achieve the best dental bite and aesthetic appearance. Jaw surgery is recommended for patients with dentofacial deformities that cannot be corrected by orthodontics alone.

Jaw Surgery Objectives

  • To obtain dental occlusal relationship 
  • Improve facial aesthetics, balance, and beauty

State of the Art Techniques

To obtain reliable results, Dr. Gargano uses computer generated 3D imaging with use of models. The multidisciplinary approach include orthodontics and planning with the patient so that a predictable result is achieved


  • What kind of dentofacial deformity are treated with orthognatic surgery?

Dentofacial deformities can be Class III malocclusion or prognatism (lower jaw forward respect to the upper jaw), Class II (lower jaw is behind the upper jaw), vertical maxillary excess (gummy smile), short lower face, or facial asymmetry.

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