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Hemifacial microsomia and Goldenhar syndrome are two disorders that fall within a wider range of conditions known as craniofacial microsomia. Craniofacial refers to the structures of the skull and face, and microsomia refers to parts of the body that are smaller than standard. Children with these deformities will have underdeveloped lower face features, especially the ear and jaw, although it may involve the eye, cheek, and neck too. There is a wide range of signs and symptoms, and the severity can also vary dramatically. With each child, Dr. Francesco Gargano, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, New York, will identify the factors unique to the individual and develop a personalized treatment plan with their needs in mind. As an extensively trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he and his multispecialty team are dedicated to provide excellence of care and provide a compassionate, supportive environment for patients and their families. We offer state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for Hemifacial Microsomia, Goldenhar syndrome, and other birth defects.


About Hemifacial Microsomia

Hemifacial microsomia syndrome is the second most prevalent congenital facial anomaly with a reported incidence of about 1 in 5600 live births after cleft lip/cleft palate.

This condition is not related to anything that the mother did or did not during the period of pregnancy. Children may have a mild form that includes mild facial asymmetry and microtia (ear deformity) to a more severe form involving an additional eye, vertebral, cardiac, and renal malformations (also known as Goldenhars syndrome).

 The signs and symptoms of hemifacial microsomia and Goldenhar syndrome

Signs stemming from these two conditions can range from mild to severe. Dr. Francesco Gargano will review the particulars of your child’s case with you when developing a treatment plan.

Signs and Symptoms of Both Disorders:

  • Underdeveloped lower face, including cheeks, mouth, and jaw
  • Ear partially formed or missing (microtia or anotia)
  • Partially formed or missing lower jaw
  • Hearing loss
  • Skin tags near the ear or jawline
  • Malocclusion (bite misalignment)


Signs Exclusive to Hemifacial Microsomia:

The face will be underdeveloped on one side only


Signs Exclusive to Goldenhar Syndrome:

  •  The face can be underdeveloped on both sides
  • Epibulbar dermoids (benign growths on the eyes)
  • Small or non-seeing eye
  • Facial clefts can occur
  • The fusion of neck vertebrae or bony bridges between the cervical vertebrae

If you are planning to go for a Craniofacial Microsomia, Dr. Francesco Gargano will inform you of any other considerations you should be aware of regarding your child.


What are the treatment options?

Both disorders will have relatively similar treatment plans with changes made to suit the indicators and the severity level. Dr. Francesco Gargano and his skilled medical team understand that undergoing surgery can be a highly emotional experience for families, and they are dedicated to keeping parents well informed about each step of the process.

If you would like to know more about hemifacial microsomia and Goldenhar syndrome, please Dr. Francesco Gargano at the earliest.

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