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Dr. Francesco Gargano, Best Plastic Surgeon NYC, has years of experience in the treatment of Fibrous dysplasia, and his compassionate care towards patients is what makes him dedicated to you. Dr. Francesco Gargano is also committed to staying up to date on new treatment advances so he can offer the very best to patients. 

Since he understands coping with fibrous dysplasia and navigating your appointments and care can be challenging, Dr. Francesco Gargano, one of the Best Plastic Surgeon NYC,

remains committed to providing you with the best care you need to excel.


About Fibrous Dysplasia

 Fibrous dysplasia is a condition that affects the skeleton and can typically be detected early in childhood. It is usually characterized by jaw swelling. In some cases, the condition may cause the teeth to separate, and the area may seem severely disfigured. As the bones grow during the patient’s developmental years the condition may worsen gradually. It will cease when the bones stop growing. 

There are different types of fibrous dysplasia and it’s helpful to know that sometimes the fibrous growths are referred to as lesions or FD lesions. For example, there is monostotic fibrous dysplasia, sometimes called monostotic osteitis fibrosa. It is a type of fibrous dysplasia where only one bone is involved versus multiple bones. If fibrous dysplasia is found in more than one bone it is called polyostotic fibrous dysplasia.


Who gets fibrous dysplasia?

 Fibrous dysplasia is a rare congenital condition. It is associated with a spontaneous gene mutation affecting the cells that make bone. This is not an inherited condition, meaning that it has not been passed to a child by a parent. The cause of the disease is unknown.


What are the symptoms of fibrous dysplasia?

 Children experience fibrous dysplasia in a wide range of severity. Some experience many endocrine-related symptoms, while others appear wholly healthy, with little or no evidence of bone or endocrine involvement.

 Here are some symptoms your child may be experiencing: 

  • bone pain
  • difficulty walking
  • deformities of the leg or arm
  • limb length discrepancy
  • light to dark brown skin lesions or pigmentation


The symptoms of fibrous dysplasia may resemble other medical conditions or problems. Dr. Francesco Gargano being a Reconstructive Surgeon Manhattan along with his compassionate care helps his patient to get the best treatment possible.


How is fibrous dysplasia treated?

 A thorough evaluation by Dr. Francesco Gargano will be undertaken. Your child may also see a team of specialists to help diagnose and treat his or her particular condition(s). Together they will create a comprehensive treatment plan for your child.

 For children with fibrous dysplasia, the main concerns in early treatment planning have to do with vision, breathing, and hearing. The timing of any surgery is determined by the severity and presentation of your child’s particular symptoms. There is no cure for fibrous dysplasia.

 The type of surgery recommended will depend on symptoms but may include debulking the tissue or completely resecting the tissue with reconstruction using bone grafts.

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